#yoga wisdom of the day

by Stephanie on January 19, 2015

#yoga wisdom of the day ~ persistanceasana = place your hand over your heart. breathe. FEEL. dwell in your unique light.


“Sometimes it’s the people nobody imagines anything of, that can do the things no one can imagine.” ~ #ImitationGame







Coming to the Sedona Yoga Festival  Feb 5-8 in Sedona? I hope so.

My “Secrets of Social Media” presentation is Feb 7, 8 am.

Seva (service) offers a tangible opportunity to practice yoga’s teachings ~ I’m thrilled to once again be a volunteer in Sedona and hope to see you on the 7th. Practicing yoga for 35 years now has given me a life I thrive in. This is my way to give back to what has given me so much. Social Media doesn’t have to be intimidating. I do more than practice yoga, I live yoga. I love the business side of yoga. I enjoy the geeky analytics of social media and the connectivity / social community. Come and learn how.
click on the link above or sign up here : http://sched.co/2D5h

It’s the perfect time of year to be in #Sedona ~ The Yoga Festival has something for everyone, beginner to advanced. The Give Back Yoga Foundation is honored to be involved in a new program, Yoga for First Responders. The Give Back Yoga Foundation is dear to my heart because of all the great work they are doing for Trauma, PTSD and Veterans. As a person who once suffered from PTSD, but have been lucky to have been treated for, I can attest to the great work that they are doing to help others. Please check them out here: http://givebackyoga.org.

Namaste. Stephanie


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December 10, 2014

Playing around today with photos and fonts ~ Finishing a book on yoga I’ve been working on. Loving the process. Hope your day is full of love and light and stimulating work. Namaste ~ Stephanie                               Tweet

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  Music ~ Bring Joy to Your Day – Yoga. Writing. Creativity. – Music Inspires.    “Yoga is almost like music in a way; there’s no end to it” Sting   When I first started practicing yoga 35+ years ago, there was NEVER music in a class – or mirrors. Things change. Change is a […]

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I’m asked quite often what I’m reading… This is what my view is right now. I would love to hear what you are reading and recommend.                     I recently read the following, which I recommend. All are available on Amazon.com. 1. The Yogi’s Roadmap by Bhavani Silvia Maki […]

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