At my 35-year high school reunion (I know – I just dated myself) I got to talkin’ with an old friend of mine. In terms of life path, we were miles apart. At 53, he was retired, with three kids in their twenties. All I could think was, “Hell, I’m just getting started!”

You see, I’m what you call a late bloomer. I had my first child at age fifty, which is by definition optimistic. But you know what? I embrace that. Having Scarlett is the best thing I’ve ever done, and I’m glad I didn’t let my age get in the way. Same goes for yoga.

Unlike many people I talk to in Santa Monica (a place where yoga is so ingrained that I wouldn’t be surprised to see kids doing downward dog in their diapers), I found yoga at 35, which is late by most people’s standards. I started my career in yoga when I was 40. So when people tell me that they think they’re too old to start practicing yoga, I make sure to remind them that’s it’s never too late to start doing somethin’ you’re passionate about.

Besides, there are benefits to starting yoga later in life. I’ll be teaching a class, and a newbie will come in, only seventeen years old. And yes, these young ones are flexible. And full of energy. And really excited to be doing yoga. But oftentimes, these buff young kids can’t hold a candle to my stay-at-home mom in her forties who can remain steady in plank no matter how long I push her without breaking a sweat. It’s because over time, she has developed a profound, controlled strength that young, gym strength just can’t compete with.

When it comes to yoga, it’s all about incremental development, and it’s never too old to get started. All you need is patience – which is somethin’ us older folks have learned a thing or two about through the trials and tribulations of life.

You see, to get the full benefit of what yoga has to offer, you almost have to come to it after you’ve been crushed, beat down, left for dead. Because when you’ve been through all that, yoga becomes more than a physical experience – it becomes a place to heal. And the power you’ll discover within yourself as you do is nothing short of a miracle.

Although I may be jealous at times of the kids I see who are lucky enough to have found yoga early in life, I refuse to sit here sniffling over so- called missed opportunities. After all, there’s a heck of a lot to celebrate

and look forward to. Who knows what I’ll be doing when I’m 60, 70, or 100? Maybe I’ll be the next Jack LaLanne, doing yoga down by the beach when I’m 95 years old.

So, for anyone out there who’s not sure whether or not they are too old for yoga, take it from this 50-something: there’s no such thing as too old. You can’t gain anything in life overnight. The gains you build up slowly over the course of your life are the ones worth keeping. Yoga is a practice that should be approached in exactly the same way.

Who first said age is just a number? Amen to that.

There are some incredibly gentle, yet invigorating classes suitable for yoginis of all ages available at if you’re feeling the call to start or enhance your yoga practice.

By Rudy Mettia

Rudy Mettia

Armed with a huge heart, wicked sense of humor, and fierce belief in the practice, Rudy’s enthusiasm for yoga shines through in every class helping each of his students to become a yoga warrior themselves. In just ten brief years, and yet after a long decade of journey and self discovery, Rudy Mettia has ascended from teaching yoga in an abandoned back room of a church nestled at the foot of the Hollywood hills, to claim his place among the top tier of yoga teachers in the the country.


What’s In the Way IS the Way ~ Book Review

by Stephanie on March 21, 2014

I’m always reading. Always. I don’t stop often enough and share what I’ve been awakened by.

book cover

I can’t say it better than the back cover : “For anyone who is ready to use the challenges of their lives as doorways into the peace and the joy they long for…”. Mary O’Malley gives step by step insights into this process.

I experienced profound growth reading this AND doing the suggested exercises. I started art journaling again because of it.

My favorite paragraph is this:

“The more you trust Life, the more you show up for your own life. The most meaningful relationship you will ever have is your willingness to be in relationship with what Life is giving you. The more you are willing to be curious and accepting, the more you will discover that the path to your freedom is in the ground beneath your feet, for what is in the way, is the way. Be willing to be curious about what is right now and Life will guide you home. Then you will become the fullness of what human beings have been brought forth to experience: the consciousness that can celebrate and bear witness to the amazing creation called Life.” Mary O’Malley



Yoga Trail App

March 18, 2014

Short but sweet ~ Who doesn’t like to share something they love? I do. I really love YogaTrail’s Pinterest site. Do you have any aps that you love? Would love to know. Namaste ~ Stephanie (This is where you can find ME on YogaTrail)          Tweet

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Yoga : The Art of Transformation

March 13, 2014

Yoga: The Art of Transformation is the world’s first major art exhibition about yoga.  I was in San Francisco yesterday and was lucky to be able to carve out time to see this visual feast. This is the only stop on the west coast. Truly a must see. Yoga: The Art of Transformation – Now thru May […]

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5 Ways To Listen To Your Intuition

February 27, 2014

      Robert Sturman is the accomplished artist that took the above photo. As we were getting ready to start I shared with him that the reason I had connected with him was because of a photo I saw of him that was taken from behind. I have always loved photos taken from behind […]

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11 Life Lessons I Learned From Yoga

February 20, 2014

1. There is great peace in the present moment. // In the past, for me, there is a wish to rewrite it, which is impossible. In the future, for me, there can be fear. Right now, right here in the present moment, I am content, grateful and full of joy. Yoga taught me to dwell […]

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Harnessing Yoga’s Healing Powers

February 19, 2014

It’s an exciting time in the world of well-being. There is growing medical evidence from numerous respected sources that are studying the benefits of yoga, both physically and mentally. Yoga is an ancient philosophy of health and well-being. Thousands of years ago when yoga was first conceived and practiced it was shared as a system […]

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How To Get The Most Out of A Yoga Retreat

January 31, 2014

As seen today in // “How To Get The Most Out Of A Yoga Retreat” by Stephanie Spence Relax and let go. As soon as you leave home, determine to put all problems out of your mind. Tell yourself the more you allow your mind to focus on the joy of the present moment, the […]

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Tales of the Traveling Yogini receives honor

January 25, 2014

So honored and excited to share my most recent award: – See more at:

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Join me in Sedona Feb 7th @ 1:00 pm / The Secrets of Social Media

January 25, 2014

Would love to meet you in person. Come to Sedona, Arizona Feb. 7th. I’ll be at the Sedona Yoga Festival and presenting a workshop that all my yoga friends keep asking me for. You asked for it, here it is… The Secrets of Social Media How do you differentiate yourself in the sea of social […]

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