How To Deal With Change

by Stephanie on November 14, 2014


WHY deal with change?” might be the better question to start with!

Answer is, change is always coming.

Do you look forward to it or dread it? – No matter… change triggers powerful effects in your body and your emotions (hello “stress!”). You can increase your sense of control and steer your life into positive territory when you know how to deal with change.

There is inherent toxic “should” sounding message if you tell yourself you should just have a go-with-the-flow attitude. That just sets you up for a lifetime of stress, anxiety, pain, and fear.

Coping? That doesn’t FEEL like thriving, now does it? As long as you are just coping, your have limited choices. You feel trapped and victimized. Cocooned and isolated, you miss out on many opportunities.

Maybe you’d rather fight the change. Fueled by anger and frustration, you sap your strength and perhaps find yourself lonely and, once again, victimized.

First… Adjust your thinking

I’m going to share seven tips I was given by a supportive part of my “healthy team” I surround myself with on how to deal with change, but first, I’m asking you to change your thinking. The 7 tips work best when you make these adjustments.

  • Approach dealing with change as a process. You can’t just throw a switch that is either on or off. I like the metaphor of baking ~ with steps and ingredients – (baking has always been more of a science experiment than creative for me…) Both baking and change take time.
  • Reframe the way you think about change. CHOOSE to give positive meaning to life changes. Even if you feel comfortable with the furniture in the place you first put it or the same hair style for the last twenty years – you may even pack the same lunch every day — you CAN thrive on change.
  • Breathe and be flexible. Prepare to move with the changes because they are going to happen. No one’s life is free of change. And you wouldn’t like it if it WAS!

Easier said than done? Maybe. I’m sure you were waiting for the GET TO YOGA part of the piece – well here it is. Yoga has PROVEN to be a healthy way to connect to your breath and keep you flexible.

When you consciously choose to change the way your think, you experience a positive difference in how you deal with change.

7 Tips for How to Deal with Change

So let’s get to the JOY and BLISS and a life that you are MANIFESTING where you can THRIVE (yes, an ongoing theme of this blog)! Follow the tips below.

  1. Simply notice that you are in the midst of change and that change is a part of you. This might seem like a no-brainer, but it takes some practice to become aware of change instead of subconsciously denying it. Don’t try to run and hide. If you have a JOURNAL, write about changes you notice. (You knew that was coming from the writer too!) – WRITING, even pages of stream-of-consciousness that you throw out without looking are a great tool.
  2. Face your feelings about the change, especially when the change is imposed and beyond your control. Get past “Why me?” “But I don’t want to!” and “It isn’t fair!” Figure out what your fears or worries are. That takes work. You don’t have to be a victim, even when you are not in control of the change. Write about your feelings, Talk to someone you TRUST and/or find a support group.
  3. Figure out when to accept and when to reject the change. Have you heard the serenity prayer? Reflect on what you are accepting, what you are rejecting, and what you are doing something about. You will be amazed at how effective your choices are.
  4. Adopt an attitude of ANTICIPATION, and be grateful. Welcome change as an opportunity. Find the benefit SOMEWHERE in the change. There is always a benefit and an opportunity. Start by keeping a written record for 3 days. Every day, note 3 things, large or small, that you are grateful for. You will notice a more powerful attitude of anticipation growing (some people keep a gratitude journal by their bed – am or pm, jot down three).
  5. CHOOSE your thoughts and attitudes about each change. Negative thoughts block your creativity and problem-solving abilities. Positive thoughts build bridges to possibilities and opportunities. Keep a record of the choices you make in your thoughts and attitudes.
  6. LEARN to relax (more). Notice the word ~ LEARN ~ this is a skill you can develop. Deep breathing works for many people. Exercise helps. YOGA is my go-to ~ find yours (whatever tool you use won’t always “work”, create a “toolbox” of tools ~ which may CHANGE…) Choose something that works best for you.
  7. Set smart goals so you can consciously guide the change. Smart goal setting helps you decide how to make the change happen and to recognize your successes. Write out your goals and your plans to meet them. Decide how you want to FEEL based on those goals.

One last bonus, but very important, tip –

Communicate with supportive people who can help you deal with stress. Do you surround yourself with healthy people? (that’s a whole other topic) – but a HUGE part of the equation to me. Cultivate healthy connections.

As a writer, I find at times I share / write about something that I’m just plain passionate about. Other times, it’s really something I need to tell myself. This post is an example of that. I’ve got MANY changes going on in my life right now ~ so… I’ll re-read my own words.


If you found this article helpful, please share. Namaste ~ Stephanie



How To Enrich Your Day – Music

by Stephanie on November 12, 2014


Unknown-1Music ~ Bring Joy to Your Day – Yoga. Writing. Creativity. – Music Inspires. 


“Yoga is almost like music in a way; there’s no end to it” Sting


When I first started practicing yoga 35+ years ago, there was NEVER music in a class – or mirrors. Things change. Change is a given. I even enjoy the classes with a live DJ.

On my mat or writing at my desk, music is such a beautiful compliment to my day. Can’t live without my AppleTV World Radio Stations, Spotify, YouTube and iTunes radio and…


Some of what I’m listening to right now:


  1. DJ Hyfi –


  1. Instagram: samanthaleeyoga – samanthaleeyoga’s favorite tracks =


  1. Rockin’ Vinyasa Yoga Playlist


  1. Yoga by Candace (w/ a link to other playlists too) –


  1. Radio Transat – after living in St. Barts thrilled I can still listen online (click yellow ECOUTE) –


  1. Best of BuddhaBar compilation – – there is also a BuddhaBar web radio link 


  1. Globesonic radio best of –


  1. The perfect playlist from Breathe * Repeat


  1. Yoga Soundtrack – Many playlists here (spotify links) –


10. Perfect playlist for bad yogis –


Would love to hear what you’re listening to today. Namaste ~ Stephanie



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