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One-With-Life.Com Awarded 2011 Top Yoga Blog

Top Yoga Blog


What a great honor, and in such great company ~

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Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years and is perhaps the healthiest and most efficient exercise practice known to humanity. Since the dawn of time, human beings have contorted themselves into varying positions while focusing on their breathing patterns, helping to increase their flexibility, blood flow, thought processes, and moods.

But not all Yogic disciplines, or Yoga practices, are made equal, and the Internet has seen an explosion in the growth of Yoga Blogs and information sites due to the increasing popularity of the sport/exercise/way of life described by the catch-all phrase “Yoga”. The danger in all of this growth is that fact that it has become increasingly difficult to separate fact from fiction, and great Yoga Blogs from terrible Yoga Blogs.

Fortunately, the crack team of editors at HealthcareColleges.net has a keen interest in Yoga and we have crawled the web to find the absolute best sources of reliable, useful, practical, and digestible information. We’ve tallied our votes, analyzed the results, and are happy to say that we’re ready to award the following sites with the worthy distinction of making it into the respected list of our Top Yoga Blogs for 2011.

Congratulations to all of our winners!


  1. January 20, 2012    

    Way to go Stephanie!

  2. January 22, 2012    

    Hello, I am just learning about your organization. I am interested in learning more and sharing with you what I am involved with. As a yoga practitioner since 1973, I enjoy sharing the lifestyle, philosophy and practices of yoga poses (asanas), breathing (pranayama) and meditation. Please view my website for wellness counseling and coaching, as well as the Blob tab for current events and news of my new book.”Be Your Best Self: Yoga for Families” will be released soon, to encourage families to practice together! http://www.bestselfyoga.com

    Be in touch. Thanks.
    Ruth Sharon

  3. vimalbomb's Gravatar vimalbomb
    January 23, 2012    

    Divine soul
    All on earth are connecte4d with cosmic energy and all are born to give first.And thru yoga one give best health. As i understood yoga is called yoke and yoga is integration of mind body and soul thru media of pranayam yoga and meditation.And consistency honesty is key to stay in Quality Health,
    God graced on me and i have been doing for 67 years and now i am 72.

    Bend in mind and bent in body take u to good effortless Goddess bless one and all with cosmic energy

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