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Dwi Hasta Padasana, Two Hand Foot Pose ~ Guest post by Darren Rhodes

Challenge yourself today. It’s important to try new things ~ in all aspects of your life. Although yoga is not all about getting a pose perfectly, the physical postures are part of the eight limbs of yoga. Try something new today. I suggest the following:

dwi hasta padasana
two hand foot pose

(from tadasana)

1. Balancing on the left foot, lift the right leg and interlace the fingers around the sole of the foot.
2. Lift the right foot in line with the hip.
3. Round the back and bend both knees slightly.
4. Straighten the standing leg, then straighten the lifted leg.
5. Inhale fully. Exhale, fold the torso forward over the lifted leg—chin toward/to shin.
6. Bend the elbows out to the sides. Hold the pose and breathe.
7. To come out, inhale, lift the head and look forward. Exhale, release the leg and lift the torso to stand.

Repeat on the second side.


• To reduce pressure on the low back, bend both knees and lift the top foot as high as the hips or use a strap around the lifted foot. Or, straighten the arms and keep the torso lifted.
• To strengthen the hamstrings, straighten the standing leg completely.
• Engage the lifted leg—pull the foot with the hands and push the foot into the hands.
• Isometrically pull the top foot down.


Move the hip of your lifted leg down. To improve your balance in this pose, gaze at a single point on the floor. Dwi hasta padasana is a challenging pose that intensely stretches and strengthens the spine and hamstrings. It also improves balance. In yoga, the purpose of challenge is to initiate the very change you seek.

Darren Rhodes demonstrates Dwi Hasta Padasana

Darren Rhodes demonstrates Dwi Hasta Padasana

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