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Boost your yoga practice with the right nutrition

It’s a known fact that healthy nutrition is important. Vegetables, fruit, salads – so far so good. But did you know that yogis have actually been benefiting from special foods to improve their yoga exercising for more than 2000 years? Well, there you go…

It was detected that food and herbs all have a special basic quality (called guna) which has a certain influence on our emotions and well-being. Some food makes you nervous or restive, others tired and others again just make you feel good. Taking advantage of this knowledge they used the energy of the food to develop mind and body to reach higher states of awareness.

The science of Yoga divides food into three categories – sattvic, rajasic and tamasic food. Following you’ll find some examples for these three types:

  1. Sattvic food: nuts, seeds, cereals, vegetables, fruit, dairy products, honey and herbal tea
  2. Rajasic food: meat, fish, fast food, coffee, tea, chocolate, root seasonings and vegetables
  3. Tamasic food: pork, eggs, alcohol, vinegar, spoiled and fermented food

Tamasic food should not be consumed because it produces gases and toxic products in your body and causes secretion of bad smells. Rajasic food should be avoided as it is very hard to digest and many waste products are accumulated. Due to these body reactions it is recommended that a healthy diet should only consist of sattvic food if possible. It helps feeling well and balanced because it is energizing and easy to digest. It should be prepared in a gentle way to conserve the ingredients and with little spices.

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Anke Wieselis the founder of Yoga on holiday, a great listing for Yoga retreats worldwide at http://yoga-on-holiday.com. She practices Yoga as a holistic lifestyle and loves dancing, travelling, yummy veggie food and her lovely adopted cat Bibiki. Daily holiday offers and discounts are up for grabs if you like the Facebook Fanpage http://www.facebook.com/yogaonholiday. 

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  1. Evolation Yoga's Gravatar Evolation Yoga
    August 27, 2013    

    Excellent source of information. Nutrition is incredibly important in terms of yoga practice, as what we put into our bodies is just as important as to how we treat our bodies in terms of the physical, and it is often very overlooked. Thank you for sharing this information with yoga teachers and students alike!

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