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6 Tips For Embracing Who You Are, Flaws and All

Yoga Wisdom of the Day ~ flawsomeasana = embrace who you are, flaws and all

Flawsome is an actual term. It was coined by trendwatcing.com to describe brands that show humanity by being open about their flaws. In their words, “Human nature dictates that people have a hard time genuinely connecting with, being close to, or really trusting other humans who (pretend to) have no weaknesses, flaws, or mistakes.” Who wants that? Embrace your flaws.

  1. Don’t compare yourself to others.
  2. Re-phrase your perceived flaw. If you consider yourself shy, perhaps you are also a great listener.
  3. We remember rebels and rule-breakers, your flaw could make you famous. Embrace your unique you.
  4. Don’t let ANYONE hold you back.
  5. Keep things in perspective. Don’t focus on what you perceive you LACK, jot down what you have in GRATITUDE.
  6. Use your “flaw” for self-inquiry and self-improvement. If you have something you want to change, use the energy for motivation to do that. If there are issues you do need to address, dig in and go deep.

Namaste ~ Stephanie

This post was inspired by the following quote from Cheryl Strayed:


Cheryl Strayed, author of the #1 New York Times bestselling memoir WILD. PHOTO by Aaron Hewitt.

“And if you’re gonna be a writer, you just truly have to be a writer. You have to throw yourself into it and deal with the negative consequences of that. And there are negative consequences. I mean, there are. But, it’s also true that you wouldn’t be interviewing me right now if I had worked at the post office. You wouldn’t. I would be still writing, but I wouldn’t have gotten as far as I’ve gotten, because I wouldn’t have had the time.” – Cheryl StrayedTweet

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