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Supporting Other Artists (and yourself)

I’m listening to an amazing mix by Matt Singmin (a.k.a. SOLON), the DJ behind the Future Sound of Yoga events, who has just released a new yoga mix, featuring cutting edge electronica and ambient tunes. I get approached by a lot of companies through my blog, but chose to keep my blog ad free and endorsement free for MANY reasons.

Its available for free download / to stream here:













It got me thinking, though, about how you become known as an artist. Here’s tips:

  1. Put in the time. Practice. Don’t wait for the “muse to appear”. As a writer, I set goals. (5 pages a day, X number of hours in the chair, etc.)
  2. Work on something you LOVE ~ choose something that is meaningful to you. Only YOU can determine what that is.
  3. Mix up your toolbox – Change is good. My go-to right now to beat procrastination is that I play a game with myself: I can’t go to yoga till I get my writing done. Works for me. Find tools that work for you.
  4. Be open to critique – Challenging perhaps, but effective. I created a screenwriting weekly table read. People give notes. I set up the parameters of how to give notes in a supportive way, but that was it. Step back and try not to take it personally. Listen. Take what you need, leave the rest behind.
  5. Search for a mentor – Someone you admire? Study their path.
  6. Own your unique style – It’s an ongoing quest for me to express my unique voice. We ALL have something only we can contribute. How divine.
  7. Publish your work – It was on a dare that I created my blog. I went back and thanked that person later. The internet offers many avenues to be seen and promote artistic works. Use ALL the tools at your disposal.
  8. Enter contests, Join Clubs/Societies, Teach a Workshop – get out of the house. Be with other creative people. Help someone else. Dare to put your work out there.
  9. Keep growing – Being an artist is a lifelong pursuit. Someone asked me once why I write. I simply said, “Because I have to.” Study, learn, invent and make mistakes.



  1. Tito's Gravatar Tito
    March 31, 2015    

    The tips are old but solid. The biggest tip I have is set yourself a schedule and no matter how hard – STICK TO IT. Breaking one never leads to your ultimate goal. I.E. if something does break it, get back on track, just don’t disregard it. And don’t thing going to spend the rest of the day making up what you should of done will fix things. If 6pm is quitting time – don’t think that using your free time will fix the breakage. It will not. MY TWO CENTS WORTH

  2. April 1, 2015    

    thanks for adding your TWO cents ~ and to the conversation… STICK TO a schedule is HUGE for me !! I get distracted by other things, so I make myself turn off smartphones, etc. have a GREAT rest of your day Tito.

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