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What is Merkaba Meditation


In this article, we are going to disclose about a certain kind of meditation that is so unique and interesting that with regular practice, you can transform your entire life! So without further delay, let’s get to it!

What Does Merkaba Mean?

The word Merkaba is made up of three words: Mer, Ka and Ba, which are Egyptian in origin. Mer refers to a kind of light that rotates within itself; Ka, on the other hand, means spirit; and Ba refers to the physical body. The word Merkaba has several other pronunciations, such as Merkavah and Merkava.

What Is Merkaba Meditation?

Merkaba meditation helps you to achieve a state in which you are aware of several fields of energy around you. It helps you to learn different kinds of breaths and postures. Merkaba meditation will also make you relaxed and revitalized and improve your overall health. It serves as a medium and takes you into a state that you haven’t experienced before. It not only affects your heart positively, but also your soul.

How To Do Merkaba Meditation?

Merkaba meditation is easy, only if you practise! Here are the steps you need to follow in order to complete a round of this meditation.

Bring your thumb and first finger together. Do this for both your hands. Now raise the palms up. Breathe out through the nostrils.
Now imagine a red light, open the root chakra and hold your breath. Pulse the breath. Pulse your eyes as well.
Bring the thumb and the second finger together. Inhale, hold your breath for a few seconds, and exhale. Imagine an orange light and move your eyes down. Change fingers again.

Hold the thumb and the third finger together. Imagine a yellow light now. Breathe, hold your breath and pulse again.
Next, bring the thumb and the fourth finger together. Imagine a green light now. Breathe, hold it and pulse again.
Next, bring the thumb and the first finger together again. Imagine a blue light and your throat chakra opening. Inhale, hold your breath and pulse again.
Bring the thumb and your second finger together and imagine the color indigo this time. Imagine your brow chakra opening and hold your breath. Now pulse. Move your eyes down again and change your fingers.
Finally, bring the thumb and third finger together. You should imagine the color violet now. Imagine your crown chakra opening up. Hold your breath and let it pulse again. Breathe out. Move your eyes down and change fingers again.
Now breathe in deeply. Try to feel the love that is around you. Relax and breathe in a rhythmic manner.
imagesNamaste – Stephanie

This is great Music to accompany your meditation.


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