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Yogis Over 50, Mantra Magazine, Issue Four – Mantra Yoga + Health

Mantra Yoga + Health, Issue Four – Online & Print

“Freedom from suffering is possible. Back pain brought me to my first yoga class thirty-four years ago. Pain is my greatest teacher. I live yoga. Daily practice, study and community are great gifts. I found Buddhism and cultivated a beginner’s mind. I’ve accepted suffering as a natural fact of human existence and I fearlessly face my challenges. Out of great pain has come great joy.” Stephanie Spence



  1. Conor O’Hare's Gravatar Conor O’Hare
    September 7, 2015    

    Hi Stephanie,

    My team and I love your blog! Especially your recent article on The Yoga Sutras Simplified.

    I wanted to contact you personally and introduce myself and our new Women’s Wellness website.

    My name is Conor O’Hare and our website is White Paris Luxury.

    We are a new website dedicated to improving the well-being of women by providing resources and education. Learn more about us through our infographic on our About Us page! https://www.whiteparisluxury.co.uk/about-us

    We have spent a lot of time studying other blogs in this field to ensure we could provide our readers with resources that are different from what existing blogs are doing. It is important to us that we add value to this field and not simple clutter it up.

    From all the blogs we have looked through in this field, we love yours! As mentioned before, our whole team loved your article on The Yoga Sutras Simplified and felt our readers would really benefit from your articles.

    Would it be okay if we share some of your articles on Social Media from time to time? I simply mean through clicking the ‘share’ button, not posting your article on our site. We have our own great team of passionate women writing our own articles.

    Keep up the great work, and keep in touch.

    I hope we can work together to continually improve women’s wellness.

    Kind Regards,

    Conor O’Hare

    Head of Media

  2. September 8, 2015    

    thank you Conor ~ i’m honored. i looked at your site and enjoyed Angela’s story/inspiration for the site. please share my posts ~ i’m thrilled… namaste

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