How To Develop Your Intuition

by Stephanie on February 8, 2015


We are all intuitive. When it’s honed people consider it to be psychic abilities. Being psychic is defined as the ability to understand and knows something that seems to be coming from beyond ourselves or our physical being. Both intuition and psychic abilities are considered ways to receive divine guidance. So, if we all have psychic abilities, how do we improve our using them?

Train yourself. Here are some simple ways:

  1. Use yoga or meditation to get yourself into a relaxed and calm state. For some people it may be a repetitive motion like running or walking. The way I look at this is this is simply your brain moving from alpha (outside yourself) to beta (different waves inside your brain that are more receptive – grounded – aware).
  2. Messages can be fragmented and or unusual. Don’t judge. If you are usually a visual person, this may seem easy but it’s sometimes the “creative kids” who also tend to have a critical voice that is fighting the interpretation.
  3. BELIEVE that you will get the message and/or information you need. I think the culture I grew up in New Orleans was REALLY into this kinda work, so I am super open to this. Give it a try – you ARE psychic. We all are.
  4. Don’t like to be still? I get it. You can try opening a page of a book and seeing which word pops out at you. It could be a billboard you are driving by. Lyrics to a song speak to you. It’s all in the INTERPRETATION of the message. Look for the signs. I find that a walk on the beach is all I need. #luckygal #islandgirl
  5. Stuck? Ask for Clarity. Go ahead, ask the question to your “higher power”, your “source” – whatever it is that resonates with you. For me it’s LIGHT.
  6. Let go. Trust. It will come.
  7. Try looking at Angel cards, Tarot cards, talk to the dog…. Something… and sit back and enjoy the message. (yes, I think my dog Karma will talk someday, we’ll see… waiting.)

Hope you found this article helpful. If so, please share. Namaste ~ StephanieTweet

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