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I write on this blog a lot about designing YOUR life in a way that you thrive. One of my SECRETS is I find someone who’s life is inspiring and I copy what they are doing. If at all possible I interview them to find out how they have crafted such a BIG LIFE. One of my heroes is Rick Griffin. Rick is in my 500+ list on Twitter of “World Travelers”.

One of my LIFE DREAMS, that I have NOT manifested for myself yet, is to TRAVEL AROUND THE WORLD until I don’t want to anymore. I’m working on that goal now. I am so inspired by women sailing around the world alone, people trekking across continents to raise money and awareness for unheard of diseases, single moms homeschooling kids from different cities every week and writing about it on their blogs, and retired couples selling everything and living “wherever their head hits the pillow that night”. (just to name a few)

I traveled to TBEX (Travel Bloggers new media convention) years ago in Vancouver and found out that only one or two (no kidding, ONLY one or two) people were making any money traveling around the world and blogging about it. I am an entrepreneur. No money for a whole lot of work is not appealing. Volunteering is a whole other subject. I was interested in (at the time) my blog being an income producer. I changed my mind after learning about travel bloggers.

I learned at TBEX that the “category” of TRAVEL was SO HUGE and the emerging media landscape uncharted, so I picked a niche category (yoga) to blog about instead.  That is when I decided I would NOT turn my yoga blog into an income producer. I decided I’m going to sell a screenplay instead.

So, I focused on enjoying the OTHER PEOPLE that WERE doing GREAT in travel blogs. That’s why I wanted to meet Rick. He was my mentor, but I had not told him that yet. When I heard his story I knew he was perfect for me. I’ve ALWAYS shared other peoples inspirational stories. HE IS ONE INSPIRING GUY…. LET ME TELL YA….

I contacted RICK when I knew we were going to be in the same city. I knew from my days as a publisher that if you are persistent enough, you can meet just about anyone. I met Rick in Atlanta, GA and we instantly became friends.

Why do I like Rick? Because he’s someone who is designing his own life. Don’t we all do that, you ask…. Hell no. I find that most people on the planet are REACTING to life. Part of my mission in sharing inspiring people is to show you that “high functioning people” have DESIGNED their BIG lives. Say hello to Rick Griffin:




Rick Griffin, is the founder/creator and co-host of the Midlife Road Trip, an unscripted food, travel and adventure series. Rick’s website, MidlifeRoadTrip.tv was named by The Luxe Insider as one of the “Best Travel Blogs for 2014,” named by “TripIt as one of the “15 must read travel blogs for 2014,” and listed by World Travel Bliss as one of “5 Fun Travel Blogs You Need To Be Reading in 2015.”

Rick has been designated by The Travel Media Group as one of the “Top 20 Twitter Travel Experts” in a list that includes Anthony Bourdain and Andrew Zimmern. Rick named one of the Huffington Post’s “Inspiring Men,” and has been featured in a variety of media including Daytime Television, BBC Travel, and USA Today.

Over the last five years Rick has worked with several national brands including Expedia, Lexus, Toyota, Ford, Southwest Airlines, Verizon, Can Am Spyder, Princess Cruises, Carnival Cruises, Holland America Cruise Lines, Nokia, Whole Foods, TripIt, Four Seasons, Ritz Carlton, USA Today, and Rand McNally.

SS: Why did you start “RoadTrip”?
Rick: After a life-threatening illness in 2004 I reevaluated my priorities, sold my business and began pursuing my creative passions by starting a video production company. In 2008 I won a contest for a webisode pilot I had created called “Midlife Road Trip”. That got me to thinking how cool it would be to actually travel around the world and check things off my bucket list. I did a lot of brainstorming with friends on Twitter about the possibility of creating a regular “Midlife Road Trip” show – or at least something like it. One of those friends was Sandi McKenna. Sandi had a background in video production and was very passionate about the idea. I had never met Sandi in real life, so I took my wife and daughters to Tampa for spring break. I got to meet Sandi and we were able to brainstorm how we could make this work. We tweaked the concept, shot another pilot and put it out for the world to see. Fortunately it seemed to strike a chord with a lot of people and gave us the confidence to give it a go.
SS: What are your biggest challenges now?
Rick: Now that Midlife Road Trip has become a full-time career, the biggest challenge is managing our day to day business operations while on the road. The work of maintaining a website, maintaining a social media presence, writing articles, hosting chats, editing photos and video, scheduling interviews etc. is even more daunting when traveling as time zones and itineraries often interfere with our normal routines. WiFi is often limited, or nonexistent. As a result we tend to get backlogged in out work when we return from a trip.
SS: What has been your best day on road?
Rick: Probably my best day on the road was in 2012 when we were participating in the Rand McNally / USA today’s “Best of the Road” rally. One of the towns we were assigned to visit was Gainesville, Texas. Just outside of town we were given a police escort into town. On the way, there were people and firetrucks on the overpasses waiving to us and holding banners welcoming us. We passed a billboard welcoming us and when we got into town, the local theatre marquis read, “Welcome Sandi and Rick.” We felt like celebrities.

SS: And of course I have to ask, Worst day on road?
Rick: My worst day on the road had to be in 2011 on the Mongol Rally. My team was driving on dirt roads through the desert in Kazakhstan on what might possibly be the worst roads in the world …if you can call ‘em roads. With all the craters, potholes and various road debris, it took us thirteen hours to drive about 93 miles in a 100 degree heat in a car that had no air-conditioning. We couldn’t roll down the windows because the dust was so bad. We all stunk because it had been about 4 days since any of us had been able to shower. To make matters worse, I had an upset stomach (probably from the stir-fry camel I had for dinner the previous night) and had to poop in the desert without so much as a bush to crouch behind.

and BTW he’s one smart cookie teaming up with Sandi McKenna, his co-host. (Sand is a whole other post…)






How cool is social media, right? Here is an easy way to connect with Rick & Sandi ~


Google +


No one has to ever motivate me to pack a bag, my bag is packed.






“Travel is boring” said no one EVER.

I know I’ll bump into Rick on #YogaRoadTrip2 ~ Can’t wait

Namaste ~ Stephanie

#Yoga Wisdom Of The Day ~ BucketListAsana = live each day as if it could be your lastTweet


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    July 3, 2015    

    {great|wonderful|interesting|nice post.
    One of the most characteristic towns that I visited in Tuscany is San Gimignano, nearSiena. I stayed there during my last holiday in Tuscany, in a farmhouse really beautiful. There was a restaurant and a swimming pool overlooking sille towers. It’s called Farm Raccianello and both me and my parents really enjoyed it.

  2. July 3, 2015    

    sounds like a wonderful experience. i have not been there before, but i just googled it and it’s going on the wish list. thanks for sharing. have a great rest of your day. Namaste ~ Stephanie

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