Yoga Road Trip – Day 1 – Ted, our home for a month

by Stephanie on May 25, 2010

We named the Cruise America truck Ted. It’s brand spankin’ new, which thrills us. As you can see from the above repetitive images, I’m still a rookie at uploading photos. Truth is, I’m thrilled with the challenge of even learning how to upload to WordPress quickly while on this trip. When I designed this trip, I knew one of the things that would thrill me was daily stimulation from challenges, new experiences, meeting new people and the ever changing landscape of driving over 3,600+ miles across the west coast of America.

First challenge came in less than an hour of leaving Las Vegas after picking up Ted. Laura was using her iPhone to play some tunes and it totally froze black. Dead. Done. Of course we called tech support but nothing. That’s first on the list this morning.

The truck is so much easier to drive than I anticipated. There is a lot of play in the steering wheel and it’s so bizarre to kind of sit on top of the gas pedal like driving a tractor. Strong wind pushed us around some, which took some getting used to. Other than that the only real interesting thing was seeing the gas pump register $145.69 when I filled up (which still had a 1/4 tank of gas in it). Just seeing such a large number on the pump was unique.

After checking in to the RV campground, the office manager said “Bob” was going to help us park in our spot. Bob had a unique smile that included only two teeth. Smile might be too kind of a description as he barked parking orders to me. I wasn’t about to tell him it was my first time to back this big beast up into a small space. The hook-up was pretty simple and I was thrilled Michael thought of everything because the tools, electrical tape and tech supplies all were need in our cozy nest. The taser at the ready last night made for a really sound sleep.

Our neighbor, Bruce, is asking the same question everyone is that we have talked to — “How much does this cost to rent per day?” I had snuck out in my jammies to get something out of storage and Bruce nabbed me. He told me it’s best to drive at night. He’s used to that because he works graveyard shift. This girl needs her days and nights right side up, thank you very much.Tweet

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