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What is a Dristhi?




Meant to balance our internal & external practice. A device that helps us direct our attention to certain aspects, such as the breath, bandhas and the mind. It is a point of gaze or focus, where the real “looking” is done internally. Each asana has a specific dristhi assigned to it:




  1. NASAGRAI: tip of the nose – any standing forward fold, backbends, utanassana, upward facing dog
  2. AJNA CHAKRA: Between the eyes – backbends, lotus, twists, upward facing dog
  3. NABI CHAKRA: Navel – downward facing dog, shoulder stand, plow, knees to ear
  4. HASTAGRAI: Hand – triangle, side angle pose, any time arms extended
  5. PADYAORAGRAI: Toes – all the seated forward folds, single standing leg lift
  6. PARSVA DRISHTI: Far to the right – twist
  7. PARSVA DRISHTI: Far to the left – twist
  8. ANGUSTHA MA DYAI: Thumbs – warrior1, ukatassana, any time hands together
  9. URDHVA DRISHTI: Up to the sky – warrior1, upward facing dog, some twists w/ a prayer hand or wrap, side angle wraps w/ a twist


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