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Yoga Wisdom of the Day – ResponsibleAsana


yoga wisdom of the day ~
responsibleasana =
you breathe, you move,
you grow… it’s that simple



“Yoga frees you from being a victim, but it also means that you are responsible for your life and the world you live it, and there is none out there to blame for anything.

Furthermore, to live means to relate. Through yoga you become more aware, more connected to yourself and your environment. You begin to see how everything is connected in life. As a matter of fact, you begin recognizing yourself in others. We may look differently, have different social and cultural backgrounds, have different goals and intentions in our lives, but the most fundamental yearning in our life is to give love, to feel loved and to have a sense of belonging. Becoming aware of this inextricable connection and vulnerability of being human changes how we show up and act in the world. We begin making more conscious choices, having more conscious relationships, we begin making connections where we perhaps haven’t seen them before: between a paper napkin and a tree, a plastic bag and oil drills, hamburger and another living being. You begin to ask yourself if the choice you’re making or action you’re taking is going to perpetuate the disconnect in the world or help heal the world by healing your own torn relationships. And depending on your intention the choice is obvious.

Yoga is not about performing outrageous asanas. You don’t have to be flexible or strong or thin or knowledgable in Sanskrit to do yoga. Yoga is for everybody who’s interested in reducing suffering and increasing happiness in their lives and in this one world we share. All it takes is a sincere desire and willingness to participate in the wonder of life by connecting to your breath and body. Something magical happens when you simply breathe and move your body. You become empowered and grounded in yourself. A great healing inside-out and many other wondrous things can happen from there.” – Gabriela BozicTweet

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