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5 tips for optimal living

Yoga wisdom of the day ~ confidentasana = be inspired by anything or anyone that tells you “can’t” / “shouldn’t”











5 tips for optimal living ~

1. Move ~ you know I’m going to say yoga… but walking, hiking, running anyone?

2. Sleep more ~ critical to improved energy and vitality. How is yours?

3. Laugh ~ has been correlated to decrease risk of many health ailments.

4. Deep breathing & meditation ~ Could be preaching to the choir here, but can’t say it enough. Meditation optimizes body functions and aids in managing stress by facilitating the body returning to it’s natural and balanced state.

5. Volunteer – serving others comes back a zillion times fold (physically, mentally and emotionally).
I hope you are having an epic adventure today. Namaste ~ StephanieTweet

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