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5 Ways To Listen To Your Intuition


 Reverse Namaste, Stephanie Spence - Encinitas, CA. Photo taken by Robert Sturman.

Reverse Namaste, Stephanie Spence – Encinitas, CA. Photo taken by Robert Sturman.



Robert Sturman is the accomplished artist that took the above photo. As we were getting ready to start I shared with him that the reason I had connected with him was because of a photo I saw of him that was taken from behind. I have always loved photos taken from behind because it is a unique way to see our hearts.  I also think that you could pick out a loved one from thousands of photos from behind, but we don’t usually take pictures that way.

I am so grateful I listened to my intuition and told him that, because I think the image is amazing. I’ve always had such a love of the ocean and birds, which also contributed to my appreciation of the work.  I’ll share more images of our shoot that day when I get them from him.

Do you listen to your intuition? (and trust in it and act on it?) Below is a couple of ways I tune into mine:

  1. Nature – Being in nature is a spiritual experience for me. I’ve always preferred to be outside. I make a point to experience nature alone so that I can be quiet and listen.
  2. Music – Sound raises our vibrational consciousness. Play around with what makes you feel good. Internet radio stations are a great way to try global music.
  3. Pay Attention – The universe is talking to you. The signals could come in the form of pain (and yes, that could ultimately be a good thing). It could be something as simple as a compliment. Journaling is powerful.
  4. Movement – All forms of movement thrill me. I thrive in movement. There is a ton of evidence and research to support how healthy movement is – physically and mentally. I usually go out on a run with a question – have been doing that for 34+ years – and never have failed to get the answer before I make it back home.
  5. Tune Into Your Feelings – No shock that I would suggest yoga, right? It is by far, for me, the easiest way to get grounded and still. That presence translates into hearing that wise voice inside.

Namaste ~ (or I guess I should I say Reverse Namaste because of the pose in the image above.)

How do you tune into your intuition?


“Let the beauty we love become the good we do” ~ RumiTweet

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