Five Ways To Be More Fully Alive In The Present Moment

by Stephanie on February 9, 2015


Seeing things as they are – fully present in the moment is a worthwhile pursuit. Yoga is a great tool to help you become grounded and aware. Self-awareness develops over time. Witnessing your one great, amazing, vibrant life (and those not-so-vibrant days) is a lifelong quest.

Vipasana is a Pali word that means “insight meditation”. It was discovered by Gotama Buddha more than 2,500 years ago and was taught by him as a universal remedy for universals ills. It’s a way of self-transformation through self-observation.

I can easily drift into a state of awareness while hiking in the mountains or the beach. I can’t always access a still or quiet mind, so the physical practice of yoga is a great tool for me. Once I get to Shavasana (Corpse Pose), I can experience insight mediation gifts.

Insight basics:

  1. Breath and body – Take a seat and notice how you breathe. Is there effort? I sometimes focus on the edge of the nostril – feeling the cool air come in, the warm air go out. Sometimes I silently say to myself “I AM” and/or “I am breathing in, I am breathing out.”
  2. Move – Expand your awareness by walking or yoga. If you have limited range of motion, allow your guide to be your mind – without judging anything about your experience. Your mindfulness is not dependent on any condition.
  3. Think about what you value – Pay attention to how you “speak” to yourself. You may have read elsewhere that you are not that voice – YOU are the witness of the voice. I also pay special attention to what information I take in. I limit the amount of toxic media, toxic relationships and harmful anything in my life.
  4. Self-acceptance – There is always a new layer of self-love that is available. Apply often. Invite all of the aspects of yourself to receive total acceptance and love.
  5. Determination and consistency – Even five minutes a day is great. Develop a sitting practice and/or get to a yoga class. Try it for a week and if you feel the benefits do it another week – and so on and so on…

I hope this will bring you freedom and peace.

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~ Namaste, StephanieTweet

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