Hell Week

by Stephanie on August 15, 2012

It’s Hell Week for the Navy Seals here in Coronado, CA.

Working to come back after my ACL surgery I was surprised two days ago to learn I was finally allowed to go for a run on the beach. This is what my view was:

This is one of the spots that I practice yoga. My run was very short, maybe a quarter of a mile, but it was memorable. Words alone can’t convey how blessed and happy I was.

This morning I could hear the Seals yelling from the beach. With only two blocks to go, I threw on my running shoes and headed towards them. These images were not taken by me, but it captures the essence of Hell Week:

We see the Seals running down the beach daily. I’ve never seen anything like this:

I did not make it very far again today. I’m uncertain if the pain in my knee is normal, so I stopped. I’ll be in Physical Therapy today at noon and find out.



All I know is I’m motivated to come back stronger and healthier than I was before the surgery. Watching these people in peak shape has given me a glimpse into the human spirit and drive that I have not witnessed before.



Thanks to all the Seals for the inspiration.

What is inspiring you today?


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