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Yoga in Coronado California, Secrets of the island






When I practice yoga on the beach, I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. A little like a movie star…













Did we really know anything about Marilyn Monroe? Of course not. How could we. I’m very excited about the upcoming Yoga Journal Conference because it’s right down the street. I’ll be sharing my Nado secrets. I wonder where Marilyn hid when she was here…

Secrets about Coronado CA for the Yoga Journal Conference attendees:

1. Nado is what us locals say

2. If the Starbucks inside the Del is too busy, we have a Starbucks on Orange Ave (at 10th) – but my two favorite places to hang out for a minute w/ a coffee is either in front of the bookstore (Bay Books) which has a small coffee “cart” out front and Cafe 1134 (which is at 1134 Orange Ave) – If you are looking for a quiet place to escape “everyone” then peek out back of 1134 and there is a private, quiet courtyard.

3. You must experience Clayton’s (Orange Ave & 10th) just to see the military guys inhale a hug stack of pancakes AND a full breakfast – the military is a HUGE part of the island, but even us locals are NEVER allowed on the base (except for special occasions, which are RARE). There is ALWAYS a line at Clayton’s – and I much prefer to sit at the counter – but if you can catch it

4. Best burgers – A. Burger Lounge (if you’re not from CA) and B. best ambience is Danny’s for the slam burger

5. Best view of downtown fireworks on Friday night at 9 pm is on the “Bay Side” of the island. If you don’t have a car, it’s still worth the walk all the way down Orange to the other side which is only about 1/2 a mile.

6. Best sushi – Sieko Sushi (116 Olive Ave) – “happy hour” there is amazing, you can stuff yourself for next to nothing. If you don’t want to walk to Sieko, Bisto d’Asia has good sushi, but far more expensive.

7. Best steak – Stake Chophouse & Bar – 1309 Orange Ave, 2nd floor. Just opened.

8. Best fish taco’s – Fish Market – great new, very affordable spot.

More to come…


back to Marilyn…

Following is a post by my friend, Yoga Teacher Mark Whitwell:

Norma Jean & Yoga by Mark Whitwell

“I would have liked to know her. But I was just a kid. The candle burned out long ago. But the legend never did.” Elton John.

I have been very touched by the outpouring of response to this post from a few days back that shows Norma Jean doing yoga asana that she learned from Indra Devi who learned from our source scholar Krisnamacharya. It was a fun connection to be made but the seriousness of the consideration has not gone unnoticed by many.

It seems that Marilyn was and is a life-sign deity, a Christ like sacrifice for the “sins” of man. She revealed the problem and the changes we must make in our own life and society. Many women have told me that Marilyn’s experience is essentially their own.

Born fresh and free, wild and sexual, they became inappropriately sexualized, objectified, abused, manipulated, feared, threatened. Some, having been sexually exploited, learned to turn the tables and went on to expoit. Others were depressed or even suicidal usually living in compromised situations pacified by media dn legal or illegal drugs. Either way, all had to go through a life crisis to claim their own life, free\ themselves of the sexual dysfunction of society and the predatory male and learn how to be in relationships of mutuality, the cooperation of autonomous equals.

“You lived your life like a candle in the wind. Never knowing who to cling to when the pain set in.” I would like to have known Norma Jean too. I would like to have given HER yoga to her, strength receiving, inhalation /exhalation, intimacy with the power of her own life. I would like to have given Marilyn intimacy with her own life prior to potential intimate connection to others. I would like to have taught yoga to her potential intimates too; so they could love their life; so they would know how to receive her, the wild power and beauty of the natural life; instead of the need to control, manipulate, objectify, penetrate for some brief consoling moment with the feminine. The insidious manipulation and degrading of the feminine is universal and must be corrected in out time. “Even when you died the press still hounded you. All the papers had to say is that Marilyn was found in the nude.”


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